Fixed Cost By-Law Registration - $550 inclusive of GST

Our fixed cost by-law consolidation and registration service provides peace of mind to owners corporations undertaking registration of changes to by-laws. We charge $550 inclusive of GST if an owners corporation has previously registered with us. If this is the first time, please provide us with all by-laws and we will provide a fixed cost price.


We provide a premium service where we consolidate all by-laws in Microsoft Word format with a linked table of contents. We can also insert any relevant logo of the owners corporation and/ or the strata management company into the consolidated set of by-law to be maintained by the secretary, as required under Section 141(3) of the Strata Schemes Management Act 2015

What is included in the fixed cost?

The work includes everything to enable changes to by-laws to be consolidated and registered:


  • Reviewing the minutes where the changes were made.

  • Converting any PDF version of the by-laws into a Microsoft Word version.

  • Consolidating the by-laws in registrable form.

  • Preparation of change of by-laws form.

  • Email to secretary or strata manager enclosing forms for signing and example forms with specific instructions on how to execute the forms.

  • Electronic registration of the changes.

  • Verification of identity.

  • After the changes to the by-laws are registered, returning the new edition of the certificate of title to the secretary or managing agent together with a Microsoft Word version of the consolidated by-laws to be maintained by the secretary with a searchable table of contents, and an electronic copy of the new registered dealing. 

Please note that the work does not include advising the owners corporation of any inconsistencies in the current by‑laws or the proposed changes to the by-laws, addressing any issues concerning the execution of the change of by-laws form form, or responding to any requisitions raised by NSW Land Registry Services.  If we are asked to undertake any of this additional work we will provide an estimate of the costs for the consideration of the owners corporation.


Additional fixed priced services

We also offer fixed cost pricing for change of address and replacement of certificates of title. Please email or contact us to discuss what additional fixed priced services we can offer. 


Please review our frequently asked questions, glossary, or contact us. We look forward to serving you!