Management By-Laws

These are by-laws made for the control, management, administration, use or enjoyment of the lots or the lots and common property for the strata scheme. They can apply to both owners and occupiers to the strata scheme.


Listed below are some examples of management by-laws. 

  • Architectural and landscaping guidelines


  • Animals


  • Barbequing

  • Car wash bays and electric car chargers


  • Children and guests


  • Common property areas (e.g. roof area)


  • Fire equipment and safety


  • Flooring


  • Garbage


  • Hanging of washing


  • Moving furniture and large objects​

  • Noise


  • Parking


  • Pools


  • Security and access cards


  • Serving documents by an Owners Corporation


  • Short term rentals


  • Smoking


  • Telecommunication rooms


  • Tenants


  • Use of property (e.g. limiting amount and types of businesses that may operate in a lot or the strata scheme)

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